Diana Frost

Diana Frost

PenPEG Member

  • PenPEG group member


Diana joined PenPEG in December 2011. She has participated in many studies over the years and sat in on the management board. She has gone to many places in her role as PenPIG, now PenPEG, and was also the first patient to be given the honour of speaking at a symposium in Nottingham.

As a group PenPEG have connected to other ARCS around the country to see how membership differs from theirs. The group helps PhD students and with lay reviews. Through the years they have received training in many things so their knowledge and help is growing. They have been involved in Zoom and Teams meetings since the pandemic  Рanother skill they have learned.

Her own interests are family history which has helped to connect her to family in America, Canada, Australia and the UK and create extensive trees. She also enjoys crochet and reading and sometimes a crossword

The projects she is involved in are:

  • an Ambulance Service Patient group which has led her to help with a new device in heart rhythm – from ethics writing the bid packaging for the device to helping with data and interviewing participants and paramedics.
  • a GP mental health project, testing new websites
  • interviewing for new doctors, nurses and radiographers