Dr Edmund Jack

Dr Edmund Jack

Making Sense of Evidence Programme Tutor


Evidence-based medicine


Dr Edmund Jack is a GP partner at Yealm Medical Centre. He is also the as a Clinical Champion for Making Sense of Evidence for National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) South West Peninsula (PenARC).

Edmund uses his knowledge and experience of primary care to help consider how research can be applied in a practical, clinical setting. He has worked with groups of patients, allied health professionals and doctors across the South West. This has led to him developing ideas around how to apply research in practice to patients with multi-morbidity and thinking about how this can be taught. Edmund is developing these ideas with colleagues in PenARC and the Community and Primary Care Research Group at the University of Plymouth.

Edmund is also a Senior Associate at the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford and tutors on the Teaching Evidence Based Medicine module.