Creative Communications

Our creative communication seminar series, run by our Evidence Synthesis Team,  aims to help researchers communicate their research in more creative and accessible ways.

What is creative communication?
Creative communication uses a wide variety of media, including podcasts, videos, animations, infographics, interactive websites and blogposts, to help you reach and inspire your audience. Creative communication can be used at any stage of your research project.

What will I learn?

  •  The importance of communicating research messages beyond academia and across disciplines using a broad range of techniques to appeal to different audiences;
  • How to think about communicating your research early in the research proposal;
  • The skills and knowledge to communicate your own research more creatively in the future and;
  • The practicalities of using different media techniques in communicating research.

Previous seminars have covered the context of creative communication, how to start thinking about creative communication for your project, creating blogs and podcasts, using Wikipedia to disseminate research findings and understanding altmetrics.


For a resource pack, including links to recordings of past events and other useful creative communication resources email

*Recent paper: Bursting out of our bubble: using creative techniques to communicate within the systematic review process and beyond.

Upcoming training events

Please visit this webpage periodically for updates on the seminar series.