Qualitative and mixed-methods, applied behaviour change research & complex interventions, severe mental illness


I am a mixed methods researcher focused on utilising action and design informed research to create health and social improvements for marginalised, seldom heard or stigmatised groups. My research to date has explored how notions of race, ethnicity and identity influence health behaviour and the experiences and outcomes of care and medical treatment. I am particularly interested in how structural factors interact to shape access to care and health inequality. My multi-disciplinary approach to research and teaching blends concepts from psychology with anthropology and the sociology of medicine, and incorporates aspects of creative and design arts and humanities. I have led a successful funding application to the NIHR HS&DR programme to develop a community based peer led intervention to support the mental health of refugees. This project commences in May 2022.

Recent completed projects also include a successful project funded by Gamble Aware to explore the interface between online gaming and gambling related harms, which forms part of my emerging interest in digital harm. Prior to joining the school of Psychology I spent 5 years working for PenARC focusing on complex interventions and experiences of care. During this time I developed the Person Centred Coordinated Care (P3C) collaborative. This applied health services work continues, and is focused on improving the experiences and outcomes of care for people with long term conditions.