Leon Farmer

Leon Farmer

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Leon joined PenPEG in the autumn of 2019, but has been involved in research through the University of Exeter Medical School since the beginning of 2017. He is passionate about involvement, finding it to be immensely rewarding, satisfying and worthwhile. He was awarded A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and O-level statistics, which stands him in good stead with some of the more technical aspects of a study. He has maintained a keen interest in science all his life, but also holds a degree in music and is a PGCE Secondary Music Teacher, so has  some experience of the academic world which he finds also helps. He has suffered with ill health most of his life so has personal experience of a number of conditions and is currently considered to have a number of multi-morbidities.

Research experience

Leon is currently is involved in an internal study with the PenPEG team and is a co-applicant and member of the project management team of 4 further studies:

  • ATTenD (mindfulness for adolescents)
  • ABLE-BP ( understanding Blood Pressure measured in the legs when arms aren’t available)
  • GEMINI (genetic study of multi-morbidity)
  • SAMueL (machine-learning to improve the rate of thrombolysis)