Dr Mark Perry

Dr Mark Perry

Consultant Rheumatologist


Rheumatology, Patient Initiated Clinics, Clinical Decision Making


As a Consultant Rheumatologist at Plymouth Healthcare NHS Trust, I seek to enable people with rheumatic disease to maximise their ability to self-manage the personal impact of illness, and to develop services that are increasingly patient-focused and efficient.

In my role as NHS Liaison for PenARC and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer I sought to help those who, like me, sometimes found numbers confusing, to find practical strategies to help them and their teams think critically.

In my role with the Making Sense of Evidence programme at PenARC, I worked with both the public, postgraduate healthcare professionals, and Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry. I co-authored a trial of Patient Initiated Access Clinics for people with rheumatoid arthritis and lead a team delivering Rheumatology Direct Access clinics. These won the Health Service Journal Award in 2016.

I advise nationally on developing similar services in other specialities.