Making Sense of Evidence Workshops

We know that evidence-driven research can translate to real impact for people and the services they rely on. Finding, and applying evidence to research is an essential part of our approach and we help others to do the same through our Making Sense of Evidence Programme.

Making effective, caring decisions with patients relies on an understanding of how and when to use research evidence. Our MSE programme helps participants to develop this understanding and to learn which research questions will be most applicable, to patients and health professionals. It facilitates a positive exchange in which practitioners can apply research to their practice and researchers can learn from practitioners.

Who can attend? 

The workshops are designed to be suitable for a wide range of people, from students, patients and members of the public to doctors, allied health professionals, nurses and therapists.

We offer both full-day courses and bespoke courses that can be tailored to suit your needs and availability. 

What will I learn? 

During our standard Making Sense of Evidence workshop you will: 

  • formulate a focused question 
  • track down and organise the best evidence 
  • gain experience of critically appraising the evidence 
  • understand the application of evidence in practice 
  • evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your educational process 

The workshops are modelled on those run at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford and are subsidised by us. 

Where do I learn more?

Watch this video: How do we make sense of evidence?

Watch this seminar with Edmund Jack and Alex Burns:
“Making Sense of Evidence Programme – Coping skills for uncertain times” 

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