Professor Sarah Dean

Professor Sarah Dean

Professor of Psychology Applied to Rehabilitation and Health


Rehabilitation Medicine, Health Psychology, Physiotherapy


My research interests include applying psychology to rehabilitation medicine, such as goal-setting and facilitating adherence to exercise therapy, for a number of different chronic conditions including stroke, low back pain and urinary incontinence.

I use qualitative and mixed methods approaches for my research. A recently published textbook captures much of my approach to rehabilitation research and teaching; I was the lead editor for the book and contributed as author to five of the seven chapters: Dean, S.G., Siegert, R.J. & Taylor, W.J. (editors). (2012) Interprofessional Rehabilitation: a person-centred approach. Wiley Blackwell: Oxford.

As part of my PenARC role I am also the academic lead for the peninsula wide Making Sense of Evidence workshops. These one-day workshops are open to clinicians, NHS staff, applied health researchers as well as patients and members of the public who are involved with PenARC.